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Any improvements to my system?

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  • Any improvements to my system?

    I'm just starting out with GTD and wondering if there's anything I missed or potential improvements to the systems I'm using.

    I'm working in flat files using EditPad Pro with color customizations and a project file to keep everything in tabs.

    My collection devices are: Moleskine and an "IN-BOX" flatfile (as well as a physical inbox). E-mail tends to be 95% trash here, so I'm still working on that.

    I have a Project list file that has a listing of all projects & subprojects. My major projects are Education, Finances, Home, Personal, & Work. Each of these have a project file with detailed information on specific projects. Specific projects have "status," "NA," "Waits," and "Exit Criteria" sections.

    Next actions are in one file with @Contexts and #Projects defined. The Contexts section is for general use and the projects section for traceability.

    I also have a Someday list - pretty sparse for now.

    Could I improve this any?



    Examples (Each "!" is a new file):

    (currently empty)
       --  Status of Application
       X-  Funding Application
       XX  Sign up for classes
    (first X - waiting on event, second X waiting on schedule)
    @DAILY, M-F
    R     Verify URI App Check Cleared (Repeat until Verified)
       Complete URI Residency Form
    w  [Response to GRE Questions E-mail]
    !PROJECTS - Education
    -- Status of Application
       -- URI
             Application Received & Under Review
             Called about GRE, no answer - sent e-mail
             Verify Application check cleared
             Complete Residency Form
             Response to GRE Questions e-mail
          Exit Criteria:
             Acceptance / Rejection Letter

  • #2
    It would seem to me, at a brief look, that you have mistaken the idea of "projects".

    Education/Finance/Work etc. are not projects. They shall be considered, more GTD-appropriately, as areas of responsibility.

    Projects are anything that requires 2 or more next actions (***physical actions - I tend to define them as the single set of action that I can perform in the same space & time ***). Projects have /i a purpose or vision /ii a desired outcome (how it physically look like if it's a WILD SUCCESS); with these two you go onto project planning with 1.brainstorming 2.Organize ideas 3.define next actions.

    Now, for example, let's look at the "finance" project. What is the purpose/vision? You could say it is to "surpass Bill Gates on my account net worth", or other kinds of whatever you think of. Now that you imagine a wild success to align your intuition with it, then go on to the later phases of project planning....
    While this may also work, it makes more sense to me to break this giant 'project' into more realistic ones, like 'obtain $2 million real estate profit in 1 year'. Now you can define the purpose/vision & principles, imagine wild success, and go onto the other phases.