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GTB newbie - too much next actions

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  • GTB newbie - too much next actions


    I have started implementing GTD and I've come up with around 150 next actions.
    Is it OK or is it "too much"?

    Thanks for your answers.

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    That would depend on your occupation and how thorough you were in collection. If there's a lot more than you think there should be, consider whether the items are truly the next physcal actions. Some of them could be projects in disguise or concurrent actions for projects.


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      The specific number isn't important, the fact that in represents what you think you need to do, is. The principle is "get it out", and that's what you've done.

      Because GTD isn't a snapshot, it's a way of working, it means the amount of items you have _today_ isn't that big a deal. Now that you have everything out you can start working at it and learn what your weekly workload is able to handle. That information you can use to feed back into your system.

      So don't worry, just start working at it. Having 150 next actions isn't a problem in itself. Not being able to move on them, is.


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        Depending on the kind of actions that they are and the amount of time you have to work on them, 150 NAs could be several day's work or several months. If it seems overwhelming to you and is keeping you from being able to decide what to do in the moment, you could pare down the list by moving some of it to the Someday/Maybe list until some point in the future that you think you can realistically get to those items. Other ways to pare down the list might be to defer items into a tickler system, delegate them or decide not to do them (delete them).