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Distinguishing Hard Landscape v. Deferred/Tickled Items

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  • Distinguishing Hard Landscape v. Deferred/Tickled Items

    I put both hard landscape items ("x" must be done on this day and can only be done on this day) along with deferred/tickled items (I couldn't start "y" before that day, or just deferred it until that day, but it doesn't have to happen that day). I use outlook, but this would apply to any calendar system I think.

    How do people distinguish between the two? I always end up spending a few minutes trying to remember which one of the 2 it is.

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    I use a paper calendar. Hard landscape items go in the appointments section. Items that are simply deferred go in the "to do" section. (Not its intended purpose, but who cares?) My NA lists are completely separate, so there's no collision there, either.

    When I used an electronic system, I used To Do items with future due dates for this kind of thing, but you could also use color-coded calendar entries.

    You could also make it clear by the way you phrase the item: "Start Foobar project today," or "Plan to visit Bora Bora at Christmas?" as opposed to "Meet with Boss re: Foobar Project."

    Hope this helps,



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      Easy I put ! sign before deffered items. I put both as whole day events. For example:

      !Call mr. Bin re:his vacation expirience - that's deffered item that should be put into Action list on that particular date, and

      Call mr. Bin - that's an action that must be done on that particular date.


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        > hard landscape items ... along with deferred/tickled items

        First, there are two tickler variations I know of: An actual tickler file (43 folders) and the "calendar + holding file" method. They are equivalent, and I recommend the latter if you have < ~5 items/day to tickle. The second approach uses your calendar plus your "Action Support" file. Here's a description from my blog:
        As an alternative to the tickler file, I've chosen to use the "calendar/holding file" technique (as Stephanie Winston calls it) in which I put a date-specific reminder in my calendar, and put the associated "thing" in a holding file (I call mine "Action Support"). I do it this way because I didn't have enough items in my tickler to warrant the overhead required to manage it.
        I also use a paper system - DayTimer with a week on two pages - which has a section on the left for time-based action (i.e., appointments), and another one on the right for day-based action or reminders. It works great: During the day I'm referring to both, since they all have to happen on that day, possibly at a specific time.


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          Thanks all!

          Since I use outlook, I'm putting a [_] at the start of all-day (untimed) events for both deferred and tickler items. For the tickler, I started putting "> [_]" to distinguish them. Quick and easy. I changed the outlook view so that it hides anything that is marked like this ("[X]") so that i can "check off" hard landscape tasks.