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Projects and subprojects

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  • Projects and subprojects

    Seems to me that my projects all have sub projects and sub sub projects before they become actions. How do people break this down? How can I do this in mind manager?
    or with vitalist.

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    I use neither mind manager nor vitalist, so I can't help you there.

    One can easily divide one's work many ways. Is this helpful?

    You can keep your projects comparatively low-level or high-level, depending on how you want to organize them.

    If your projects are low-level, then your project support materials will relate them to the higher-level project. If, for example, your Project is building a stage but it's part of a larger Project to put on a play, then you'll have lots of project support material about the play that will call out the stage-building, and vice versa.

    If your projects are high-level, you'll be pulling out your project support materials more often to figure out what to do next. So, if your Project is to put on a play, then as you finish Actions you'll want to refer to your support materials to see what else you need to do.

    You may have to decide which approach is best on each new project.