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I am not my project list

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  • I am not my project list

    One more newbie thought. You have all probably been through this. Hopefully this feeling will not fade away.

    One of the things that is so amazing about the way that GTD changes your thinking: I am better able already to externalize the demands placed on me. I used to have the vague feeling that if my to-do-list was crazy and out of control, that my life was out of control. (which was almost always) Almost as if I felt obligated to buy into anything that tried to come into my collection buckets. In fact, I don't even think I "felt obligated"; I don't even think I thought about it. It was just a passive acceptance. (And I don't think of myself as a passive person....I just did not have the right critical thinking skills to grasp what was going on.)

    I have lately had a better feeling of being apart from my to-do list. Yes, that is a good deal of what makes my life my life. But it is not "ME".

    Thanks for humoring me. I'll go back to listening and learning, now!