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new and confusing myself

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  • new and confusing myself

    Hi everyone. I read the GTD book last week while on vacation. It all seemed so simple. Now I'm back at the office trying to implement what I learned, but I'm not making much headway and I'm just going in circles. I use Outlook and sync to a Palm Treo. I have the Palm Plus program from Franklin Covey, but really don't utilize it. Has anyone else used this? It's very flexible, but I can't decide if I should try to adapt it to the GTD methods, or abandon it altogether.

    Thanks for any input.

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    If you're having difficulty getting set up using automated tools, I would recommend learning how to do GTD with paper. Then when you're comfortable you understand the system after using it for awhile, you can consider whether you want to migrate to an automated system.

    DA has a free download "Paper Organizer - how to set one up" that's a good starting place.


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      You're right - take a step back and do it on paper first. Thanks.


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        And first of all, you may want to print all your lists, put them into the inbox, and go through processing and organizing, so that you get a fresh restart. Before GTD, I had quite some impenetrable "stuff" on my lists.



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          Gotta love paper!

          After reading GTD I got all wrapped up in Outlook apps, web apps, and other cool and exciting links found on this forum. Then I felt more overwhelmed... So 8 months ago I started over with a binder system with tabs for Calendar, Projects, Contexts, Meetings, and Current Reference sections. About 4 or 5 papers in each section and I re-write them every few days. Works well on a basic level and has increased my productivity a lot. At some point I might want to make the whole thing smaller - like to a PDA- but by then I will have conceptualized and automatized the GTD process better. Hope that description helps,


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            good advice - thanks very much!!