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How can I search for unread posts, not just new posts?

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  • How can I search for unread posts, not just new posts?

    Hi all,

    Question about the forum itself. How can I search to show any unread posts since, say, yesterday or the last week or so?

    I've been using the "New Posts" option from the main menu bar, but that doesn't always work for me, as it shows only new posts, but not necessarily unread posts, since your last visit.

    So if I quickly visit, read one new post, then come back a few hours later, it'll only show new ones within that time - not the unread ones from earlier!

    If I visit then leave, it resets the "New Posts" for when I next visit!

    Does this make sense? Tricky trying to put it into words!

    Many thanks, best regards,


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    I have this problem with several different forums I frequent, and haven't figured out a technical solution yet. Some other boards seem to keep the unread flag no matter how many times I visit.

    If I know I haven't got time to read ALL the new posts, I try to make a note, even if just a mental one, of the date and time I popped in, so the next time I can scan the list on the front pages and see which threads have had new posts since that time. It's easy on here, as there's only two forums; some of the boards I use have 15-20 forums!



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      Forget about it.

      Simply forget about it. You do not have to read everything.


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        But I WANT to read the new posts. I just don't want to read them all in one sitting.



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          Read the RSS feed instead of going to the forum directly. That lets you use the RSS reader (which you control) instead of the forum software (which you don't control) to mark posts as read.

          Google Reader is probably not the best RSS reader out there, but it's one of the simplest.



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            Thanks Katherine. It hadn't dawned on me there was an RSS feed.

            I presume the RSS feed is completely separate from the web based system, so if I read bits of the forum on the web at work it will still download as unread on the RSS feed at home?



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              @TesTeq, I can't! I like reading it all too much! (How's the all-in-one PDA/Cell Phone/Coffee Machine coming along? ! )

              @Ruth, thanks for the reply - I thought it was just me with the problem!

              @Katherine, that's a great idea! Will have to look out for RSS Readers for my PDA/Phone as that's where I do about 90% of reading this forum. Did try one, but it only showed first post - for replies had to come back to web-based forum!

              Thanks for the idea - that could be the solution!

              Best regards,