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book -- The Goal -- which one?

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  • book -- The Goal -- which one?

    Sometime ago, one of David's podcasts was of an interview with an Air Force general who recommended 'The Goal'. Turns out there are a lot of such books -- anyone know which one he was referring to? Has anyone read it and care to comment on it?

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      I've read it twice - once on a personal recommendation from a respected leader and once more recently as a required text in my MBA Operations Managgement class.

      I'ts an easy, novel-like read that most anyone in the working world can relate to and exposes how day-to-day observations can really be analyzed in the context of continuous improvement. Common sense perhaps, but sometimes it really helps to have that highlighted.


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        Management...I haven't gotten to the Spelling for MBAs course yet.


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          artamuso has given a link to the correct book, and whitesco has offers some comments.

          I read the book a number of years ago, long before I discovered DA or GTD... I'm not sure if it was a recommendation or I just stumbled across it in the bookstore.

          It's an enjoyable and easy read. The author communicates his points in stories or parables, which I always enjoy.

          As a testament to the books value, I still remember to story of the kids hiking through the woods, and the need to keep them all together and hiking at the same pace, and the different solutions.

          Probably about time for a re-read for me ...