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NLP/Hypnotherapist who uses London?

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  • NLP/Hypnotherapist who uses London?

    I am keen to have some attitude and motivation upgrade sessions...or maybe I'm just looking for some inspirational GTD London UK

    I haven't entirely fallen off the GTD wagon...(my filing system is pretty good)

    I just need a boost. Particularly as I am a lone freelancer who only really comes alive when working as part of a team!

    So..any suggestions?

    I already know a very good NLP practitioner..and I will offer to send her a spare copy of GTD..

    but that made me wonder whether there is already someone out there..

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    Hi Piers,

    I am a member of the Board of the National Guild of Hypnotists. Contact me by private email and I will direct your inquiry to the person in charge of our International Division. He's in Great Britian and will be able to direct you appropriately.

    Scot Giles
    Diplomate, National Guild of Hypnotists