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Should I bother with EverNote?

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  • Should I bother with EverNote?

    I've been a GTD user for about 3 years, and a Palm user for about 10 years. Between the ubiquity of my Treo and the efficiency of GTD, I feel like I'm pretty well set.

    The only exception is that it would be nice to make use of the internet at any computer I'm at to quickly and easily make notes to myself. I understand Evernote does this. But I worry trying and using Evernote will just confuse and complicate the Palm / GTD system that's been humming along well for me over the last few years.

    Any thoughts?
    -- desmond

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    Evernote is not web-based, so it doesn't let you take notes on "any computer you're at." Only the ones on which you have previously installed Evernote. If you need a web-based solution, you might look at Google Notebook, a blog, or a social bookmarking application.

    As far as complicating your system is concerned, it sounds like you are looking for a ubiquitous capture tool, not a change to the way you organize your post-inbox lists. Evernote (or any other application) certainly *can* add complexity, but it doesn't *have* to. It's all in the way you use it. I use three different notetaking/information capture applications, and am looking at two others, yet all of them are focused on project support and/or reference materials. My (paper) GTD system chugs happily along in parallel with no problems.

    (For those who care, the active applications are Tinderbox, Yojimbo, and DevonThink. The candidates are and Google Notebook.)



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      Thanks, Katherine!
      -- desmond


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        Evernote portable version

        There is a portable version of Evernote that runs off of a USB drive that costs $20. I've not tried it but supposedly it runs off of the USB drive and the data saves to that drive and you can go to any computer with or without connection to the net. I've only tried the free version, which I like but is not totally portable.


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          I use Evernote and really enjoy it. Not for N/A's, but for a reference it's great.


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            I use the much improved onenote 2007 with outlook 2007 and they work well with each other. I organize my projects in onenote then 'task' flag a onenote next action and it shows up in my outlook todo/task list with a nice hyperlink back to the onenote project.


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              GtdWannabe is a great resource for EverNote and GTD:


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                I use outlook at home and office. I use a free subscription at to synchronize my computers with each other via the web. If I am at another computer, anywhere, I can log into my plaxo account and add tasks right there. As soon as I bring up Outlook on either/both of my computers, the new task will be there.



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                  it syncs w/ ooutlook and palm and its free