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How to organize travel coupons?

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  • How to organize travel coupons?

    Can anyone suggest a best practice concerning travel coupons, the ones you get in credit card statements, etc. that typically offer a free rental car upgrade and have an expiration date.

    I want to be able to find them easily, and not keep them past their expiration dates. So far, I have been tossing them into my Travel folder in my A-Z reference file. But, there is a lot of stuff in that file, and most of the coupons are out of date (will get culled at my annual review) so I have this aversion to picking up the file to search for a possible discount.

    I am not convinced that creating a database and logging the coupons would work for me since there would be a lot of data entry.

    As I am typing this I thought of the following:
    1- Use the month folders from my 1-31 tickler to hold the coupons that expired the month before.
    2- If a trip arises, I can look in the monthly folders for coupons.
    3- At the start of each month when I normally take the items from the month folder and put them into the 1-31 folders, I can throw away the expired coupons without reading them.

    Any comments from the GTD community?


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    I travel with them!


    Actually, I just put them in my "travel" Action Support file.

    The upgrade coupons, the discount coupons (,the drink coupons!) all "live" in my Action Support file.

    When I travel that's with me, and, I don't want to have to "work" to remember them. I'm as streamline as I wished I was the last time I forgot something. (Does that make sense?)...


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      Re: I travel with them!

      Originally posted by Jason Womack

      Actually, I just put them in my "travel" Action Support file.
      I never thought of that. The reason why? I want to make choices about reservations based on the coupons and I never thought to look in the travel action support file at the time of making reservations since I make my reservations at the office. Your suggestion has good merit.