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  • writing college recommendations

    As a high school counselor this time of year is spent writing numerous college recommendations for my seniors. I have developed a system in which i first intereview the student. Soon after i mind map my reflections from the interview and also add information from anything else a student has provided me i.e., list of acitivities, results of personality inventory, etc. I then do a brief outline and then finally type a first draft. I then show my studentss a close to complete draft before finalizing. The whole process takes about 3.5 hours per student * 45 students. As you can see, it is a lot of time for a one page document that may or may not be read by admissions folks. I'd like to think it helps so as a result i try not to "cookie cutter" each one by using a template.

    From a GTD standpoint just wondering if indiv rec itself is a project or Recs as a whole is a project. Also, i am trying to streamline the process as it is not the only thing i am responsible for so if anyone has any tips i would appreciate it! I do have another 160 students to take care of.



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    Each rec would be a project as it involves multiple steps. But if you are able to bracket away a good 3.5 hours to do one then I wouldn't bother putting each step into your GTD system. If you do them piece meal throughout the day or week it might be best to get the steps into the system so you don't lose track.

    I would also say that the recs as a whole are a project aswell, one that requires fulfillment of many smaller projects.

    I'm not sure about streamlining tho, with 160 students at 3.5 hours each, thats 14 weeks worth of work. I suggest you work faster.


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      As a parent of a HS senior, I wish all HS counselors gave that much attention to the students. Good for you.


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        You get to decide the size of a Project. It can be small or large.

        If it were me, "Write recommendation for (person)" would be my Project.


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          Would a checklist for each student work for you? If the process is the same for each, a checklist per student would let you start/stop work as needed. That way you don't have to remember where in the process each student is.