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    I just launched a series on mental training for endurance athletes called "Going Within."

    You can look up my post history here and see that I'm not some stranger dropping in to sell Nokia phones.

    We may not all be athletes, or even fitness enthusiasts, but I believe we all have to deal with the subject of sustained concentration. Out on a long run, or perhaps during a challenging set in the gym, we rely on that concentration to achieve a higher level of performance. It's perhaps a little easier to be aware of that during bouts of intense movement.

    However, we also need the ability to sustain concentration at work and at school. As someone who has the attention span of a three-year-old, I am always challenged to develop my ability to concentrate on the task at hand...and not on the other 99 tasks bouncing around my head or in my GTD system.

    Anyway, I thought I'd share the series with everyone here as there may be some nuggets you can gleam for your own practice...whatever it may be.

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    Good luck! You might enjoy the classic "The inner game of tennis."


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      I also am a fan of The Inner Game of Tennis.

      Looks like I will have to wait and see what direction your training effort takes.

      Something, however, that I am believing more and more is that the traditional 'overtraining' approach is deeply flawed. That is, I believe that 'no pain no gain' is a philosophy that has very limited benefit.

      I believe that you should look hard for the aspects that draw you, that are magnets for you -- and let them PULL you through the training.


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        Sorry folks...but I hit a bit of a snag in getting the last article published today. I had a few clarifications I needed to clear up with the subject and the arrival of his new baby a few weeks ago has put some obvious constraints on his time.

        I hope to get that last interview online by Monday or Tuesday. In the meantime, a buddy of mine kicked in a $25 Amazon gift cert for any of those who want to play in a contest related to your off-season training antics.