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Filing (Email vs. File Folder)

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  • Filing (Email vs. File Folder)

    Looking for some help... I find that when I create a file for a project that I'm working on that I'll get hard paper that needs to go in the file and also emails that will be related to the project.

    My question is this... Do you file the important project-related email in both your email folder and hard manilla file folder?

    Sometimes I just store it in my email folder and then I'll have my project folder in my briefcase and find that I don't have all the information I need because half of it is still on my computer in the office.

    It seems like a lot of extra work to put it in an email folder and then print and file in another hard folder (especially when you receive over 100 emails everyday). Because then you're keeping info on a project in two locations and not one central spot. Any thoughts???

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    Even if you want to stricly follow the "only one A to Z filing system", it still makes very much sense to keep the emails on the computer, and not print them out. This way you know (and trust) that your emails are on the computer, and not maybe printed.

    When you review the project, there're 2 places to look at, the emails, and the physical papers, charts etc.

    This is true especially if both the computer and the filing cabinet are on the same place, so you can sit on your desk, and go the the papers while the computer is open and the emails are on the screen.


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      Hi KG
      I have the latest version of versamail on my palm which has some improvements. It allows me to store outlook email folders - rather than just my inbox - therefore I am able to carry the emails 'with me' in soft copy. Sometimes I'm really pleased to have them there - when I'm 'on the road' and need some info that came in an email it's readily accessible but I"m not swamped by unnecessary paper.
      I try to discourage my clients AND MYSELF not to print out emails where-ever possible.... it's easy to drown in them!!


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        I never print out emails, preferring to rely on Eudora's marvelous find facility to get at items of interest when I'm in a project. I'd be more likely (having just read the document scanning thread to scan in the paper information for easy searchability than to print out the emails...




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          afraid not..

          ... or, to be more precise, I don't know of a way to get Outlook and Eudora to play together.

          I use Eudora on my Mac OS X laptop, where the vast majority of my mail arrives. The company system uses Outlook and Exchange (poor them), and I go along with that. They aren't heavy mail users, so I haven't had too much grief so far.