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Bear with me, this may be a dumb question (re. home/work outlook)

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  • Bear with me, this may be a dumb question (re. home/work outlook)


    I use two different email addresses for home and work.

    At home I use Outlook for email and I also use Outlook to store my tasks and my contacts.

    At work I have a laptop that I could carry to and fro, but I'd rather not. That computer has a different email address but also uses Outlook.

    So far, the only way I've figured out how to check my home email at work and my work email at home is through webmail - which leaves me no access to contacts and tasks.

    Is there a way to fix this?

    I'm new to the whole work thing


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    A PDA/blackberry which syncs to both will allow you to transfer tasks/calendar/contacts from one to the other.



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      PDA synching really helps

      To keep my home and work calendars accurate, I use my PDA to ferry information from one computer to the other, synching it daily with both computers. This also solves the problem of access to contacts--I set the synching parameters so that the process updates my contacts and task list as well. If I'm using someone else's computer, I can easily turn on my PDA and check an email address or phone number.

      I also print out my calendar for 2 or 3 months and post it at home for the family to know where I am. Yes, it's redundant and wastes paper, but it is useful



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        I also use a PDA to carry my calendar, contacts and notes always with me and sync it with the Outlook in my office.

        Before you connect a PDA to the computer in your office, contact your IT-department if this allowed. Most IT-departments don't enjoy external equipment.



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          It's free, it will link your calendars, not tasks yet, but they are working on it.

          Also, check out - free of course, great to organize thoughts into todo list/NA



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            will also sync both Outlooks together. I use it not only for my two Outlooks (a laptop at work and a desktop at home) but I also sync to my Yahoo and Google accounts so I can reference my calendar and tasks online when I'm not using one of my PCs.