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Funny GTD Story

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  • Funny GTD Story

    I have been helped so much by GTD that I have been spreading the word. I recently started a book club for local business people and we have been reading GTD together. We actually got a nice write up in our local paper (which reminds me of another funny story: the story headline read: Business by the Book, then the sub headline: "Reading group turns into support goup" Only our paper!!! GTD is support goup)

    Anyway, one of our book club members was inspired to start getting rid of some of the stacks in his office. Although he has not embraced GTD totally, I am encouraged he is taking some steps. He decided to clear off a large chair he had in his office, at the bottom of the stack he found a nest of acorns! As he lives in the woody area, some varmint had decided that the stack would never move and stored up his treasure there. Well, GTD spoiled his winter plans! We had a good laugh at our book club with that one!!!

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    Getting Things Done -- may contain nuts.


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      What's the next acorn?


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        Dan, you disturbed the squirrel's "waiting-for" pile. Now I ask you, was that fair?