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Projects that are Reactivated in 12 Months?

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  • Projects that are Reactivated in 12 Months?

    Once i have finished this year "Current Project" i will not need to revisit it until 12 months from now .This is a accounting project that comes up at each year end .

    What steps would i need to follow to set this project up in a way that i don't see it in my project list until next year comes around.



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    Originally posted by persistence View Post
    What steps would i need to follow to set this project up in a way that i don't see it in my project list until next year comes around.
    Take it off your project list and put it in your tickler at the appropriate date.



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      I Have all my Projects set up in Outlook with GTD Add-In.

      I would be looking for a way to do this in Outlook !




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        Like you I use Outlook and for projects like this I use the recurrence facility in Tasks.

        If you have Project as Tasks (as well as Actions as Tasks) then you could have recurrent projects, though I guess that isn't the case with the Add-in. I don't use the add-in myself but anyway I tend to have only recurrent actions not recurrent projects, just to keep things simpler, and for your example I would have an action like "start project for ...." to come up every year.

        Incidently to keep tract of all one's recurrent tasks it is quite easily to make a View of "only recurrent tasks" using Outlooks filter facility.


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          If this were a weekly, fortnightly or monthly recurring task then I'd use Outlook's ability to generate a recurring task once ticked off. However the recurrence is created from the day ticked so if you don't tick it off for a week, you'll be a week out.

          Otherwise I'd put an entry in my diary to look at this in +11 month's time to ensure adequate planning time if needed.

          If it's an annual task I don't think I'd forget it - it would naturally come to my attention. I'm more likely to miss critical preparation dates which is why it needs to be tracked. For example the Annual General Meeting may be in November, but when do I have to send out the notice of meeting?

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            In Outlook Add-In i have "Projects and Actions as Task".

            So for these recurring "Projects & Action" how would i set them up so that i don't physically "See" them on my main Task Screen every day when i am working on my other "Projects Or Actions"?

            Does anyone know the "Steps" to physically do this!




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              The default Active Tasks view should do this. I can give you the filter parameters if you've changed it from the default. I think it's "status equals in progress" and "status eguals not started" in the Advanced View filter. Tell us if you need better clarification.


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                Thanks Tom,

                What would be the steps to get to the "Default Action Task View" so that i could check the present "Default Settings"

                How should these settings show in order to accomplish what i,m looking to do!



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                  To answer quickly....

                  Make sure your in Active View.

                  Click on View>Current View>Define View>Modify>Filter>Advanced>Field

                  Then find the fields, condition and values to input:

                  Status equals Not Started
                  Status equals In Progress

                  This should hide tasks that aren't current.

                  Use the Help function to learn more about changing Views, modifying Views and using View Filters if necessary.