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GTD Round 2: Need a Jump Start

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  • GTD Round 2: Need a Jump Start

    Hey everyone,

    I read and successfully implemented GTD for the first time earlier this year and am now re-reading the book as recommended 3 months later.

    When I first started, I experienced the common "surge" of productivity that comes with the initial application of GTD and really was able to acheive the feeling of relaxed control discussed in the book.

    The problem is that feeling is now long gone and has been replaced by a lax (even lazy! ) feeling now that time has gone by and everything is simply OK and in relative control.

    Any ideas on getting "the surge" that I experienced with GTD the first time around back now that I am jumping back into GTD for the second time?

    Thanks in advance for your time in answering this question. I look forward to everyone's comments!

    Best Regards,

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    Two things ...

    Excellent, here are two things I'd suggest.

    1. Grab some paper and do a mind sweep for 5 minutes (max.) and put that into IN.

    2. Do a weekly review. Turn to page 185 and start with "Loose Papers". Do each of those steps in an hour. Work on each part for 5 minutes and if it takes longer than 5 minutes put "Finish ..." on your next actions list and move to the next item. Spending 5 minutes maximum on each of those weekly review steps adds up to an hour (double check my math) and will give you a taste of this phase.

    (I got this weekly review tip from Meg Edwards ... it really works!)



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      If you are comfortable with your system and everything is in control, then GTD is functioning as intended. I'm not sure I see the problem here.

      Now it's possible that you have effectively cut your workload, thanks to improved time management, and are therefore either slightly bored or missing the adrenaline rush that crises bring. If that's the case, the answer is to look at the content of what you're trying to do, or, in GTD terms, to move off the runway and look at higher levels.



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        Agreed with Katherine.

        You're in a better place now. You've moved on to a higher level of productivity.

        Now that you're running faster, it's time to look further into the horizon to determine where you may be going.