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  • new book

    the new book is disappointing so far.

    the first book was great -
    but it didnt tell me, after making all the lists,
    what do i do if the list simply keeps expanding?

    in other words, "DO IT!", is not as simple as it sounds
    even after you have done your best job on DEFER and DROP.
    the number of tasks I simply have to do, including DELEGATING,
    are simply too many to get done.

    what i need more tips on is:

    - brutal prioritization
    - increasing discipline and efficiency

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    Alas ... I think the system and the books, while great, are not capable of doing what you wish. They are only tools to use in the process.


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      new book

      I too am finding the book really useful even though I have read most of them online. Reading through a couple of them have really been right on for the push I needed now. Its great to have them all in one place. Is anyone going to one of the Evenings with David that are scheduled?


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        Attending the RFA evening events...

        Just so you'll know, for those of you trying to do more with less, while gaining perspective and "hands on how to" information, we'll have at least one staff person at each of these events.

        Just this week David and I co-presented a seminar inside a company on the east coast. The results were fantastic. The participants got to experience two different takes on this information, both from a 20+ veteran of this material, as well as me...a 7-year neophyte!

        I encourage all of you to look at your own system, not something outside of you that will "fix" the problem.

        I've found the issue about "getting things done" are pretty much universal, and the same as are dealt with in the private sector. How we get distracted, and how we deal with that, is the same for everyone. Of course each organization, even among the churches, will have its own unique projects, problems, and environments, but the process of approaching them is going to be the same - what's the outcome we're committed to? what's the action required to move forward toward it?