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Logitech IO Personal Digital Pen??

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  • Logitech IO Personal Digital Pen??

    Just curious if anyone here has used the Logitech IO “pen/PC” for taking notes and then having them put onto the computer. ( What do you think? Is it a productivity tool or a gimmicky gadget? These run @ $199 and am intrigued, but would like to see if others have used it or what you thought about it. Thanks!

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    Logitech io pen

    The pen works well for capturing perfect images of handwritten text. A tiny camera built into the pen detects motion by reading a microdot pattern pre-printed on the special paper.

    Now that a software update with OCR (30-trial) is available from Logitech's website, the usability will be far better.

    Great for distributing meeting notes ASAP with no additional work.

    Synch requires a powered, bulky, USB cradle. (Europen version uses Bluetooth!)
    Special expensive notebook paper required

    Overall, this is Version 1.0 technology that will continue to be better integrated into many other systems and has great potential.


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      Logitech IO paper is a deal-breaker

      I looked at it but decided against it. The custom paper (with light lines for the pen's camera to get perspective) just doesn't make it economical.

      The last thing you want to do is think about how much you are spending on paper.


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        I recently discovered that a 6-pack is available from JandR's website for $35 (as opposed to standard 3/$25), making the cost comparable to 4 or 5 subject theme books. So, I bit, and given the new OCR referenced above, it's proven to be a bargain overall.
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