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photo to text site?

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  • photo to text site?

    I have searched and searched but I think I don't have the right search terms.

    I believe I read in this forum about a website that lets you upload your photos and then turns them into text documents or something like that.

    If that sounds familia to anyone, I would appreciate the name of the site(s). The link showed photos of notes from lectures.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Don't know which one d' yu mean...


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      thanks but not quite it

      Wow, these are very interesting from technical and aethestic and cultural perspectives but what I am trying to find again, is a site that was mentioned by someone on this board, I think, that was a kind of photo uploading site.

      It was for pictures of things like scientific posters and lecture notes. Once you capture them in your digital camera, you upload at that site and then you could clean them up and print them out. It was free.


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        It was something like this.

        Click here: Snapter - "Goodbye, scanner. Hello, digital camera."


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          Jamie, I was so intrigued by the concept in your post that I googled around just now. Looks like there are a couple of desktop applications that will do what you are describing:

          TopOCR: freeware, at Appears to be an OCR engine that handles photos in addition to scanned documents.

          Snapter: Confusing references to whether this is free or paid. Doesn't appear to do OCR, but will convert a photo to a PDF.

          ScanR: Online service with text extraction (OCR) that emails you the text of pages it scans. A quick read of their privacy policy shows that they might store and use the text that they send, which is a huge privacy flag for me.

          QipIt: Online service that converts photos to PDF or other image. Doesn't appear to OCR. Same privacy concerns as ScanR.

          I haven't used any of these, and I neither endorse nor recommend any of them. But are these what you had in mind? Keep in mind that any OCR program will have a difficult time converting handwritten notes to text.


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            Yes, qipit!

            That is exactly what I was looking for you. I appreciate your pointing out the security concerns. Thanks


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              ScanR privacy

              I just read ScanR's provacy statement. It looks like they store content as needed to provide their services, but do not state they will "use" the content for their business purposes. Deleting your account or "opting out" (of what exactly, I don't know), will remove your data.