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New Ready For Anything reading group for 2008

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  • New Ready For Anything reading group for 2008

    I would like to have an online discussion group for Ready For Anything, to go through one chapter a week in the course of 2008.

    I've recently been incorporating reading a random chapter of Ready For Anything into my weekly review, with some thought-provoking results. This reminded me of the Ready4Anything weekly reading group on Yahoo. I started hankering for a discussion group with whom to go through the book. With the old one having stalled out a few months ago, and with 2008 starting in just over a week, now seems a perfect time to begin one.

    Though the original group has a large member base and a multi-year treasure-trove of insights and discussions, I can't help but think it might be time for a clean slate; the old group appears to have stalled out several months ago, and starting anew would give both old members of the old group (as well as any new interested parties) a chance to opt in again and consciously and deliberately commit to going through the book with fresh eyes in Ought Eight.

    This is not a slam on the old group, which has been awesome; rather, it's an effort to shake things up and start fresh. If anybody is interested in joining, I've set it up at ; if anyone involved in running the old group is interested in helping with this one, let me know and I'll give you moderator access.

    Looking forward to a relaxed, focussed, and productive new year!

    [Forum Admins: I realize I'm promoting a GTD discussion that will take place somewhere else; if this isn't cool, then I will have no hard feelings if you delete this post post-haste.]