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  • Projects and Subprojects

    I am using the outlook plugin and I am trying to understand how to use Projects and Subprojects. I manage 4 different businesses and would like to be able to show which business each one of my projects is related too. I was thinking about making my projects in the plugin Business 1, Business 2, Business 3, Business4. Then I would use subproject to label anything that David would call a project. (i.e. anything that requires more than 1 step).

    Does anybody have any thoughts on this idea or a better way to accomplish what I am trying to do. Does anybody use the sub-project feature of the plugin and if so how.


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    An alternative recommendation

    I would use the following alternative recommendation: Instead of using the project field for business, I would create a new custom field "business" and enter the business name for each project in each one. Then modify the project view(s) so that they are grouped by "business". This should give you most of what you want. You'll need to include the business field in the project view and will need to drag and drop each project into the correct business group....

    I do this with my focus areas. I found it was sufficient to assign the field only for project type outlook tasks and not Next Actions (@Calls, etc.)

    It is a bit of a hack, but I'm affraid if you have multiple projects going for many businesses, then you'll overload the outlook item with too much.

    Subprojects are okay for splitting really large projects into blocks but they really only allow you to create a label.


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      Adding a field

      I originally thought about adding the field but you can't add anything to the first page of a task form. I tried hiding the page and creating a second page but you can't add a notes field to the second page because one already exsist on the hidden first page and outlook apparently won't allow two notes fields on the same form. I could add the field on a second tab but it doesn't make any sense to click to another tab for just one field. Do you have any suggestions or am I missing something simple about adding the field.

      Thanks for your help


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        It's a hack

        No if you want to add the field on the item view itself, you will have to put it on a custom tab which means you have another command to get to your custom data...

        I do not do this, but set up my views so that the field(s) are editble in the table view (i.e. the list of tasks in the task folder grouped by my custom fields) and then I can drag and drop between groupings by focus area, goal, & objective. I also display the custom fields in the view so that if I need to add a new one I can do so fairly easily. Again this is only available for project items and not recommended for Next Actions (way too much overhead since it's a manual hack and not automated).


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          Take a look

          Heres what it looks like:
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            Projects Sub-Projects and more

            jpm thanks for taking the time to explain. I think that will work for me so I will give it a try.