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  • Palm: Projects & Sub Projects

    Trying to get my head around the best way to store Projects and Sub Projects on a Palm.

    I am using MindManager for my main organisation of Projects. Which contains 6 main projects.
    I view Mindmanager on my laptop though this is copied to my Palm as well, just in case I want to do a review when I am out.

    In My Palm Tasks application , I have 6 entries for the main project headings and @ Out, @Contact as listings all under one Category.

    During a Weekly Review (or more) of MindManager, I write just my next action items in each listing on the Palm, usually the next 4 or 5 actions per project. From there I leave as a mini list for regular checking and on a daily basis I schedule next actions into the Palm DateBK5 calendar. as needed.

    I just started looking at GTD in the last 10 days. So I am in a migratory stage !

    I am an FX Trader working from a home office.

    So if I want to add sub projects to Palm Tasks which is the best way to set it up to avoid confusion between what is a project or a sub project.

    General comments on the above welcome.


    My main Projects are:


    Other Work (Any other business I am involved with)


    Personal Finance

    Performance (Personal Development)

    MW - My girlfriends work

    Focus - A daily focus list of habits I am trying to change !
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    Why do you want to put those sub-projects in your Tasks?

    I may be wrong, but shouldn't your Tasks just be a list of Next Actions you can do in a particular context? Don't you have a separate list of Projects?

    If you have ten tasks to do, what does it matter which sub-project they're part of?


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      Your projects aren't projects...

      Hi Hagadol,

      From your mail I get the impression that what you call your projects aren't actual projects with a successful outcome. It seems to me that your main projects actually are roles you have in life. Within those roles you may have projects.

      So what I do is create a list of roles/areas in life that are important to me. From that list I generate for each area several projects that I would put on a projects list. During the weekly review I generate next actions for those projects.

      Every other week or so I review my roles/areas list to see if new projects are needed.

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        Thanks for the responses.

        So how about this:

        Mind Manager - Contains 'Life Area', 'Projects' and 'Sub Projects' (connected to each 'Life Area')

        Palm Tasks - Make Categories for - @phone @Think @Office ect

        So if I go to @Office Category - I will have all the 'Next Actions' to be done at the office.

        I might have a 'Note' attached with a list connected to the 'Next Action' So if If 'Call Tony Blair' is a 'Next Action' the entry will appear in the @Phone Category in Palm Tasks and there might be a note attached with items to discuss with Tony Blair.

        'Next Actions' which have to be done at a set day and time will go straight into the Calendar.

        @ Think are items which I might want to spend time considering in full attention,, brain storming. This is weak area for me.

        How do I interact between the @ Lists and my Palm Calendar (DateBK5)? Currently either last thing at night or first thing in the morning I make a schedule for the next day.

        BTW, I just listened to a very inspiring Podcast with David Allen:

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          Have you looked at Bonsai? It's an outliner for the Palm from the people at Natara. It will allow you to organize the way you want to, and, I'm pretty sure it still links to Palm Tasks and Calendar items.