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Weekly review and outlook

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  • Weekly review and outlook

    I have begun the complete transition from paper lists to lists in my Palm and Outlook. But in trying to do my weekly review today, I have to be honest, I hate the way Outlook deals with Tasks(lists). I print out my lists so I can see the big picture and to review the whole thing and am repelled by trying to work through the lists. I never had this problem with my hand written paper lists.

    I would be curious to know how others who are using Outlook complete their weekly reviews, and I am hoping for some detail step-by-step instructional help. I would also like to know what fields you display.



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    Have you seen the Bill Kratz method?


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      David Allen's Outlook book is full of ways to make Outlook stink less. It's very good ...


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        A different method that I'm playing around with is to create Categories for all projects and then simply associate all tasks that go with a project with that Category.

        Then when you view your Task List the @Context lists will be at the top and below them a list of your projects (as Category headings).

        During your weekly review you click down the list of items under each Project and insure that at least one of those items (the Next Action) is on one of your @Context lists. When you've accomplished the last Next Action associated with the Category the project disappears from your list.

        To sync with a Palm you have to use a third-party application that gives you a large number of Categories (I use Key Suite).

        To avoid cluttering up your Category list in Outlook, do not put these "project" categories on the Master Category list. Just write them in on the Category line on the Outlook Task Form. This creates them as temporary categories that disappear when nothing is associated with them.



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          So each of your items that is part of a project has two categories, one for the project and one for the context, right?


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            All of the items relating to a project have a Category that describes the project.

            One of those items, the Next Action, also is assigned one of the @Context categories and shows up on the appropriate context list. When that item is done, the project list is reviewed and another item is added to the appropriate context list.

            As far as is reasonable, only the very next action related to a project goes onto one of the @Context lists.



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              That is basically what the Outlook add-in does.

              Does key suite let you filter by either set of categories?


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                key suite --categories

                It lets you view one category at a time.