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S:Waiting On in GTDGmail

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  • S:Waiting On in GTDGmail

    My "S:Waiting On" label shows 7 waiting on labeled emails, but when I click on that label, only 1 email pops up. When I click on "show all unfinished" they all pop up. What's up?

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    I have been using GMail for quite some time, and have not seen this problem. Maybe you just need to refresh (F5), logout/login, or even close/open your browser.



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      GTD Gmail not just GMail

      I've been using just Gmail for a LONG time and it's worked flawlessly. When I installed GTD Gmail (it creates subfolders of References, Statuses, Projects, and Contexts), the filters don't seem to work because it says there's never anything in my "S:Waiting On" folder (even though there are 6 new unread messages.

      First off, GMAIL works perfectly, flawlessly, great. Only when I installed GTD Gmail, did I have problems

      I'll try to explain this in greater detail, because it would be incredibly productive to get this to work

      Waiting On (6) -- 6 unrad next action messages
      Next Action (1) -- one unread next action message

      However, when I click on Waiting On it shows now messages (the automated search filter criteria i:
      Search results for:(label:S:Waiting-On OR (subject:"S:Waiting-On" to:(validatelife from:(validatelife -label:S:Finished -in:spam in:inbox :
      So it looks a little overkill.

      And when I click on [All Unfinished] that's the only way to say all my next actions and "waiting ons", which currently has 21 messages (6 unread).

      Please help with this. If I can't get this to work, I'll just do old-fashioned trusty Gmail, but GTD Gmail seems to have many more productivity features.


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        Problem solved!!!

        I had accidentlaly named "S:Waiting-On" as "S:Waiting On", which is fun until GTD Gmail cracks out the automatic, unchangeable filters for Waiting On messages, which is built-in to look for and search for only
        , not
        label:S:Waiting On

        Ahhh! brings back the insanely detail-oriented days of Java and Javascript programming! Gotta love how there's ALWAYS a reason why a computer program works or doesn't work! I'm glad I solved this on. Sweet!

        Note, to all other GTD GMailers: "LABEL" your labels EXACTLY as the format is. Bottom-line: "S:Waiting-On" does not equal "S:Waiting On"!!!



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          Actualy Wait...

          No, I take that last post back. The GTD Gmail program is flawed. The search filter criteria doesn't work properly. The label filters search for "S:Waiting-On" and it should search for "S:Waiting On". Why wasn't this debugged? Annoying. Hopefully I'll fix whatever I'm doing, or if the problem is the GTD Gmail program someone will be able to fix that. Anyone else have this same problem? Bloody hell. People should debug their programs before they put them on the net for formal download.


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            Actualy Wait, again...

            Okay, I'm figuring out more of the filtering process. Apparently, only emails that are :
            1. In your Inbox
            2. In your S:Waiting On label
            show up when you look for "waiting on" because only those are actionable at that time. Makes sense, but still confusing, and problematic, because i like to push emails out of the inbox and if I do that, they won't show up in "Waiting On". That's silly to me. Oh well, if this continues to be as annoying as it has been, I'll uninstall GTD Gmail and just use the old fashioned S:, R:, C:, P: prefixes before the original gmail labels. GTD GMail CAN do a lot and has a lot of features, but it seems like there's a lot of specifics on how you must do your email. I'll have to read up on it a bit more.