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  • Automatically Schedule Emails

    After a few extensive net searches game up with practically nothing, I thought this was the perfect place to "delegate" my quest for finding a method (via Gmail and/or a free Mac program) to "Automatically send scheduled emails".

    Could you IMAGINE how insanely productive that would be!! I have, for example, a series of quizzes I send as an email every week on tuesday. I like to make the quiz in advance, but with an "auto-email-sender scheduler" It would at 12:01am Tuesday, automatically send that email. This is like an electronic, email "automated" tickler.

    GTD Forum seems like the best resource to find something like this ,but having "time-scheduled auomatically email sending" would be amazingly productive!

    Just think, you could go on vacation and your computer would automatically "send" required messages making it look you're still working at email, while meanwhile your out surfing in the ocean! haha.

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    You can do it with this add on for the Thunderbird email client.
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      You can do it with this add on for the Thunderbird email client:

      The other option is to use a web based email service, which many businesses use to send marketing email at set times.
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        Originally posted by hagadol View Post
        You can do it with this add on for the Thunderbird email client:

        The other option is to use a web based email service, which many businesses use to send marketing email at set times.
        wow thanks a ton hagadol!

        But your link provided a link to an opportunity for one to write the "Write the Send an Email at a Specific Time in the Future Using Mozilla Thunderbird article." not to read it, didn't it? So there's no way to do a "timed-email-auto-send" in gmail? Finding out how to do this with the least amount of deviation from my current email system (i.e. without havign to use a seperate email program JUST for auto-emailing) is a current @Computer project of mine, so I'll post any advances for the GTD community iif anyone else seeks this ability!


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          Sorry, think i posted the wrong link before.

          If you Can use Thunderbird for email you can use this addon to send at a later time defined by you:

          You can read about it here:

          I have not tried yet myself.


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            Eudora by Qualcomm, which is still available but not in production, used to have a scheduling option. You would write the email and then select a time it would be sent.

            There is an open source group bringing Eudora as a plug-in to Thunderbird.




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              Searched around a bit and found this service -

              Here is one of the testimonials - I thought it was funny

              "I wrote my fiancé a romantic email the night before our wedding to be sent on our one-year anniversary. After she left me waiting at the altar I went back to my account and deleted the email. Thanks,!"
              --George, Sioux Falls


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                Using Outlook Tasks Delegation to AutoSend


                I noticed something in outlook, not sure if this might help you, though -- I know that you can delegate a task to anyone; and in the Notes field, write just about anything. Now, the user you delegate the task to should receive an email saying "So and So" has delegated a task -- and then a description of the task.

                Since tasks can be automatically recurring, and also can be set with a later "Start" time, this might be a great option for you. Who knows -- maybe you can make it work?

                Also, I know that Outlook, if you are composing a new mail message and choose "Options" you can delay to sending to any time you choose. If you wanted to be reminded of something in the future, just send an email to yourself and delay the sending of the message. The downside to this is that I believe it stays in your inbox until sent.

                Hope this helps!


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                  12hourhalfday, the "" testimonial is hilarious! lookes like that could be my best bet considering that, after many years of trials and tribulations with various email problems, i'm all about flat out gmail.

                  caitlindimareoliver, thanks for the insightful tips and tricks for outlook. A lot of features there! However, my days of using any microsoft product are over, so outlook isn't an option for me. I prefer just firefox gmail, and rarely use mac mail (but of course use all apple software products for everything work related). But thanks anyway!

                  mmurray, thanks again for the info. eudora sounds like it has the feature, however, like I mentioned to caitlindimareoliver I'm not interested in cluttering my Applications folder with many 3rd party non-Apple apps, especially ones I'll rarely use. so i'm not interested in the eudora option, either.

                  hagadol, thanks for those thunderbird plug-in links. Because mozilla software typically floats my boat, this and possibly the link might be options.

                  Thanks I really appreciate the time you took to research this you guys. HUGE help!!