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When is a next action not a next action

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  • When is a next action not a next action

    I have just read the book and listened to CD's and i am possibly reading too much into it but im having a problem grasping this concept. I have searched the site and cant seem to find an answer so please treat me gently the answer is probably staring me straight in the face but here goes,

    Sorry to go on about this;

    i have read other posts but still am a little confused ( a lot actually ). If i have a project list say car ? the next action for want of a better suggestion would be in simplistic terms.....

    (i am sitting at my desk in front of my computer with the phone at my hand)

    1 Identify what make and model i want (from desk/computer)
    2 Phone around for best price on that model
    3 phone for insurance quote get best deal
    4 phone to Make best deal with salesman to drive away today
    5 Buy car

    over simplified i know but my point is when do you stop doing the items that appear to be next actions before you finish the project....
    I can see certain projects that can be started and finished in one go as each action becomes a next action after the previous next action gets done and then the another item will become the next action to move that project along so i do it and so on untill the project is completed .

    Am i missing something ?

    in the above sittuation i am in the right place with interenet and phone at hand to complete all the items in the project/list.

    i hope ive explained myself clearly (semi clearly ? )

    Please no sarchastic trplies im struggling enough as it is without being knocked back even further.
    Many thanks for any advice you can offer this idiat ! or even idiot

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    The Next Action (tm) in your example would be (1), "identify make and model." Although there might even be preliminary steps to that, such as "call Joe and ask how he likes his new Toyota" or "read Consumer Reports car issue."

    That is, the Next Action is the *very* *next* physical action that you would do to move the project forward. Other actions may belong in the project support materials, but not on your NA lists.

    As for when to quit, that's really up to you. If you have time to work through the whole process of buying a car in one sitting, fine. If you only have time for one preliminary phone call, that's also fine. Just make a note to remind yourself where you left off. Often, this note is the Next Action for when you return to the project.



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      Action or next action


      many thanks that it has clarified it 100% 'shop till i drop'.....i wasn't sure if i should continue if i was able or stop after one action but thanks for the speedy and informative reply



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        My 2 cents. Treat Next Action as a bookmark of where you left your Project last time you did it. Do your Next Action till:

        - the moment you have another activity planned in your Calendar (if any)
        - the moment new Stuff drops into your inbox and it's more important
        - the moment when you can't move the project further (i.e. Waiting For smth)



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          when is a next action not a next action

          Thanks Eugene

          again thats really helped.....its suprising how a simple thing to some is a stumbling block to others but isnt that what this forum is all about ?

          Thanks for your replies



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            When you teach someone you learn yourself Welcome!