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What to do to repeating actions?

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  • What to do to repeating actions?

    I am new to GTD and have the following questions.
    I have created a project called "Improve physical strength"
    My first action was "look for different GYM in my neighborhood"

    But after that I get a repeating next action "excercise at GYM".
    This action will be reapeted week after week.

    The problem here is that my project does not have an obvious end. My next action will be repeating my whole life if a want to maintain my strength.

    Maybe "Improve physical strength" should be a goal instead of a project.

    I would really appreciate all your thoughts on these questions.

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    Hello Per,

    I am also new to GTDing, but would have to say that I would definitely put this into my Focus/Goals. For the “exercise at GYM” twice a week, I would put this in my calendar, for two reason: 1) Avoid the semi-conscious problem of booking another meeting/event at this time, just to avoid exercising. 2) By booking this time in your calendar, you help remove resistance to your exercising.

    Hope this helps,


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      Thanks for your answer Scott.

      I guess that a project should have a beginning and an end in time.
      Goals are something to strive for, e.g. improve health, improve memory technique or improve some skill etc.

      I like your idea of booking my excercise in the calendar instead of having a repeating "next action" in order to remove the resistance to excercise. I have noticed a greater resistance for all my repeating actions and this will make the time for excercise more definitive.


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        Going to the gym

        I would shedule it in the calender until it becomes a habit.

        I go to the gym mondays, wednesdays and fridays. I don't need my calender for that - it's a habit.


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          Yes, after a while all "repeating actions" will become a habit and it will be unnecessary to book it in the calendar. Its just in the beginning before it becomes a habit you need the extra motivation of booking it in your calendar.

          My current repeating excercises that I just have started are for example

          Excercise my memory technique once every week
          Meditate five times every week
          Excercise at gym two times every week

          They are all linked to different goals but not to any project.
          I will put them in the calender until they become a habit.


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            Make it measurable.

            Originally posted by Per View Post
            I am new to GTD and have the following questions.
            I have created a project called "Improve physical strength"
            My first action was "look for different GYM in my neighborhood"
            "Improve physical strength" is neither a project nor a goal because it is not measurable. You need numbers! Let's say you can do 20 push-ups now. Define a project "30 push-ups by the end of February 2008". You have to define a project outcome in such a way that you'll be able determine if you've reached this outcome.


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              "Improve physical strength" is not a project because the outcome is unclear. "Bench press x pounds by end of 2008" is a project. Once you have that, you can set intermediate targets and a training schedule.

              Scheduling the gym on your calendar is necessary, but not sufficient. Unless you know what you want to do once you get there, you're just as likely to spend the time hanging out at the juice bar.