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Syncing a Mac to a PC: Help!

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  • Syncing a Mac to a PC: Help!


    I'm relatively new to the GTD scene, and I have a problem that I'm sure others are having. I have a PC at work -- and a MAC at home! Now, I've really taken to the whole TaskList in Outlook thing -- it works incredibly well for me, and I want to have -- NEED to have -- all my tasks in the same place. I'd like to avoid having to print a copy and keep it with me at all times... so how can I sync my tasks on my PC to my Mac at home? Is there a software that will do this over Exchange server? Is there something else I can use to store tasks -- maybe something cross platform that I can use both places?

    I'll continue to search for an option, and I'll definitely post here if I find it first... but meanwhile if anyone has an experience or suggestions with this, I would GREATLY appreciate the help!

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    You can use Entourage on the Mac and Outlook on the PC. You can sync both these to your exchange account. I'm pretty sure this will sync your events, dates, notes across both. Can anyone verify this?


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      Exchange Server is pretty much a standard. I avoid Microsoft so I cannot say anything about Entourage et al. But the iPhone for example syncs with Exchange Server. I am relatively sure you can somehow work it out. Offcourse if it works flawlessly taking all the categories and other details into account, I don't know.


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        the iphone doesn't sync tasks and notes though and you can't sync it with two computers either (especially a PC and a Mac.) you could sync two macs with .mac sync though and use an iphone.