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    I bought the book "Getting Things Done" a few months ago and I liked it very much because I had the impression that it offers a lot of collective wisdom and useful "recipes". Thanks.

    I am a postdoctoral researcher (at a university) in computational biology and statistical phsyics. I work in a group led by a very experienced and successful PI (= primary investigator = head of the group). Under the protective and very stimulating umbrella of this larger group I am about to start my own research group.

    (I have worked in the US and Germany several times and I am aware that this scenario is slightly different from the usual US scenario: M.Sc. in city A, Ph.D. in city B, postdoc in city C, etc.)

    In addition, some of us from the "large group" have started applying the results from basic research in a for-profit field. For this second reason, I just recently bought a few additional books like "Small Business Valuation" and "Valuation", however, these two seem to be somewhat too generic for our case.

    Do you happen to know of reading material offering the type of "collective wisdom" that is in the GTD book, however, not for the general reader, but for my specific case:

    1, postdoc starting own group (research lab)
    2, how to develop novel and doable projects
    3, small for-profit company applying results from basic research

    Thanks in advance for your time and suggestions.


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    GTD in academia

    There are a number of blogs on the topic of GTD in academic settings. If you Google a phrase like "GTD academic academia," I'm sure you'll find those plus tons of other stuff. I'd post links here but I'm using someone else's computer this morning and don't have access to them.


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      I know lots of people who've applied the principles behind GTD to academia and commercialization efforts - it can be a tremendous help, given the major, multiple demands of your work. One blog that I've found useful is: . You might connect with Jose, who runs it. You'd probably have a lot to talk about.