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  • Missing a step?

    Hey all,

    I've listened to the Audiobooks of GTD and GDT Fast and I've also got a print copy of GTD.

    I'm missing something about 'actionable' stuff.

    Here's an example I need help to resolve. I have a project called 'Renew Wisconsin RN License'. I have a next action, etc. This action was initiated by a letter with instructions about how to renew. I have only one file system and don't have room for another - this one is close at hand.

    I wrote the project down in VoodooPad and have a digital action list on which appears 'go to wisconsin website to renew license'.

    Is it okay to put the original mail in my file system under the 'Nursing Licenses' folder? I already have the action and will only need to 'refer' to the letter later re: timetable, cost, and actual website.

    Or is this 'mixing actionable and reference' which is totally verboten?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I say you are in good shape. The letter itself is not actionable; "renew the license" is the actionable thing here -- now that you have properly processed it from your inbox, the letter is reference material.


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      I just renewed my car registration, which included paying off a ticket in another state. Although this ended up being more complex than I expected, I never created a new project folder; rather, I pulled the Car Registration folder from my reference and placed in active projects area. Once this project was done, I just returned the folder to my reference.


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        I Agree

        I agree with jknecht; I think you are in good shape.

        As long as you have the next action on your list, put the letter away. It is safe and sound in your reference file, yet, it's out of site! It's not on your desk nagging at you and causing stress. You have the Next Action on your list. As long as you follow / refer to your list -- it * will * get done.

        One point: just remember after you are done with registering, determine the * next * action. That is.......
        • Do you need to schedule a follow-up? i.e., to make sure they truly process it and that * they * do not drop the ball?
        • Is there another action from that letter you need to get on your list?

        Finally, don't go too crazy with all of this. Relax, have your Next Actions in front of you, and get to work.


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          LMAO! Yeah, I put 'Call xxx-xxx-xxxx re: WI License and confirm that renewal is correct' on my Action list.


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            I'd agree with putting it in the reference file. One thing I often do though is make a note with the next action telling me which reference file I put the letter in.