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How did I survive before GTD?

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  • How did I survive before GTD?

    Hey all,

    How did I live without this? Some background:

    I have ADHD and have only recently (in the last three years) joined the ranks of those with a professional career and was never taught organizational skills by ANYONE. When I had a dead-end job, it was pretty easy to keep up. Utilities, rent, maybe a magazine prescription and a vehicle loan. That was really it! I was cranking widgets! Life was peaceful.

    In the last three years, I've become an RN, and more recently, a travel RN. That means tracking licenses, nursing education credits, tax issues, ACLS, BCLS, and vaccination credentials, more bills, more....EVERYTHING! I was drowning just trying to keep it in my head. My girlfriend's been doing Franklin-Covey since she was a teen, but to-do lists never worked for me (put it off, remember to bounce it to the next day, eventually stop checking your calendar because of the multiple failures...LOL).

    This system has really changed my life!