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@Agenda - doesn't work, any ideas?

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  • @Agenda - doesn't work, any ideas?

    I had some context that didn't work but I really needed them. For example, I use @Errands for any Next Actions I can do when on my way (to home or office). I started using it when put a Post-It with "Check @Errands" in the car where I can see it.

    The same story with @Agenda. I needed to remind me of topics I need to discuss when meet a customer on non-regular basis. But I always forget to open it during or even before the meeting (I use Palm). Any ideas of how to remind myself to open it?

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    Your meetings are most probably in your calendar, since they are time sensitive NAs. Add a note in the calendar item like "review agenda". This is easy to implement, and should solve the problem. Simple but effective.



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      Thanks, great advice. Any ideas for "suddenly pop-up meetings" with my collegues in the office?


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        I recommend making those items big and obvious, so both you and your co-workers are likely to see them. Put them on a whiteboard in big letters, or put them on colored paper that you leave out on your desk. Anything to make them hard to miss.

        Also, practice. Every hour or two, pretend that a co-worker has come into the office, and leap to your @Agenda list.

        When I have to make myself remember something, often I just have to remind myself over and over. And it doesn't work the first few times.

        Example: I have several reusable grocery bags under the passenger seat of my truck. When I first bought them, I used them, but I forgot to use them for the next six or eight trips. I'd remember them slightly earlier each time; first after I got home, then when I was in the car going home, then as I was leaving the store. And I'd push myself to remember them. Then I'd remember them while I was in the store, so I'd zip out to the truck while in the middle of the store. Now, several months later, I use them almost all the time. I just had to keep reminding myself.


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          To me, this is a link between the meeting (impromptu or not) and the Agenda category item. The ingrained behavior I think you want to get to is at the beginning of a meeting make a quick mental scan asking "Does this person have their own Agenda in my lists? If so, what's on it?" This is a formalized version of meeting with someone about topic X, and before finishing they say "Let's there anything else I need to talk to you, we're good for now."

          When I'm processing an item and deciding where it lives (for now), I may only know "I have to bring this up at the next meeting" or "...the next time I meet with them." I won't go into more detail than that; I may have to go into more detail when addressing it in the meeting. That's the meeting preparation.

          I find that the way these Agenda items work best is to accumulate related items through the week (or whatever time period) in the body of the item. Then before the meeting (an appropriate time before) I review everything that's accumulated and incorporate them appropriately into the upcoming agenda (formal or informal).

          This can be especially useful for topics you need to address with people who have limited availability, like senior management. If you see them only once a month, you want to make sure address everything you need while you have their attention. You don't want to finish the call/meeting, have them go on to their next meeting, and then remember "oh, wow, I needed to ask them about X...."