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Seeking to hire a GTD coach who is a bit more affordable than the DavidCo coaches.

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  • Seeking to hire a GTD coach who is a bit more affordable than the DavidCo coaches.


    I am seeking to hire a coach who can examine my workload with me and suggest GTD ways I could be more efficient and productive. I use Daylite Productivity program for Mac, so I would especially like to find someone who uses that.


    Richard Shane

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    Richard, it might be useful to state where you are in the world.


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      I second that thought, where are you ?


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        I am in Boulder-Denver Colorado


        Thanks for pointing out what I omitted. I hadn't mentioned by geographic locations because I thought I could work with someone over the phone - and if the person uses a Mac, like I requested (Daylite CRM program is for Macs), we could screen-share so the person at a distance could see how I set up GTD in my computer. Since I know my request (someone who uses both GTS and Daylite) is very specific, I didn't want to be limited to just my geographic area. However, to find someone who is within driving distance would certainly an additional plus!




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          Would love to help, but I am currently not a Mac user.

          Good luck,


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            I actually thought Meg's rates were in the typical range for an executive/personal coach. I've not signed up for any coaching in GTD yet, but it may be something I do later this year... I am getting some other ducks in order first and trying out a more general coach for the first time. So far, the experience has been OK.



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              Hi Richard,

              I am a avid mac user for over 5 years now. And also very GTD minded. I have looked into Daylite but am currently not using it. I would love to take a look at your system and see if I can be of any help. Just pm me so that we can see if we can work things out through Skype since I am overseas...


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                establish framework and method

                May I suggest that when you are selecting your coach that you make certain that the coach really understands what you are doing that is working and what is not working, wants to determine why, and helps determine where you want to end up and how you will get there. Many people have been disapointed in coaching of various types because the coach knows how to do something as an expert but does not know how to assess and progress the client. Also, try to determine what aspects of what you need to do differently involve knowledge and content (usually fairly easy to deliver) in contrast to skills and methods (usually harder to develop in a client). You might ask the coach what kinds of things he or she does that helps clients develop skills and apply methods and how these vary from one client to another. Also, what is the coach's commitment to and approach to determining what your needs are, what you know (versus what you say you know) and determining the obstacles you need to over come, and finally providing either a range of solutions or some experiences that will help you progress rather than hammering at you what the ultimate criteria is--sometimes coaches have a bit of a one size fits all service. YTou no doubt want more than someone who just tells you over and over what the model is and why you should adapt it. It can be very hard to get to how.

                As to fees, although the DavidCo. coaching fees may be "in-line" with similar professionals, and they have the asset of really knowing the GTD model, it is important that you find someone whose fee you can live with relative to the portion of your income you can afford to spend. You may find it more cost effective to carefully search this board for questions that have already been addressed and try on those answers for size. Then if you still need coaching, you have at least narrowed down what needs to be addressed.


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                  Thank you

                  Hello Jamie,

                  Thank you for your very clear and insightful reply. That information will certainly help when I interview people.

                  I will watch the board for questions and answers, but I really want someone who can explore my individual work flow with me and suggest changes based on that on-the-ground data.



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                    P.S. to Jamie

                    In the first part of this year, I expect some major breakthroughs in my business. As soon as I have the financial resources available, I plan to hire a DavidCo coach for individual workflow coaching. That sounds very, very good.