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  • GoalPro

    Has anyone tried

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    I remember dowloading it sometime last year. It mustn't have worked for me though as I don't remember much about it. Again it was a case of spending time planning but not DOING!
    Might work for others.


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      Might be ok for some, but motivation has to be internal, IMHO. I would probably get as much out of "Coldcalling for Success: 10 secrets of the uber-salesman," which I swear I actually read at some point.


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        GoalPro 5

        Don't be put off by all the motivation/success stuff. I'm not into that either. The program addresses many of the problem areas for us mentioned in this forum: keeping track of next actions, relating them to projects, journaling, and the scratch pad which functions wonderfully well. It reminds me of Actioneer in that you can brainstorm ideas and to do's, highlight the appropiate text and make it a task, appt, etc. I love that feature.
        It does take a little block of time to set up (not bad) and has a very good tutorial. It was just entering info I already had in my mind and had thought out so it didn't take all that long. It gave me a very visual picture of where I was. It felt wonderful to get all my goals organized with very easy ways to add next actions.
        It's easy to back up and use on two computers.
        The program also has an easy daily/weekly review built in and reports built in so you can see where you are at any time.
        It synchs to Outlook and Act.
        I'm not connected in any way to the software developer. Just a happy customer.


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          Yes I have used it, and to put it's not worth the trouble.


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            Maybe I overlooked it--I didn't find a price for Goal Pro. How much is it?

            I write goals in a notebook. It may be an advantage to write them out, because for some reason, the process of writing and continually revising with pen seems to place a deeper impression on the mind than writing once by keyboard.

            Arnold Howard