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Can Ecco Pro do this ??

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  • Can Ecco Pro do this ??

    I have been using the program " Time & Chaos " the last 2 1/2 weeks, and I do like it. It allows me to place to do tasks under as many Groups as I wish, GTD style. I can then prioritize any tasks and I can set a set color to my priority numbers or letters if needed. So for instance all my # 1 priorities have a red color 1 and all my #2 priorities have a yellow color. This allows me to spot any of these very important tasks quickly. Also I can easily put all tasks under one Group All which allows me to see all the tasks to do in one list and it automatically places the #1 priority items at the top and the #2 and #3 in chronological order below. So at an instant I can see what is extremely important.

    Well my question is that I have just downloaded Ecco Pro which I keep hearing great things about. I wanted to know if Ecco Pro would do what Time & Chaos does as far as listing all tasks in the manner as I have explained above.

    I can see that Ecco Pro has a bit of a learning curve to it, so before I invest time learning to use it, I would like to know if it has features I will be happy with.

    I would also like to know if Ecco Pro can be a little too complicated for GTD. Should I stick with a simpler system like Time & Chaos??

    Any comments about Ecco Pro would be highly appreciated

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    Re: Can Ecco Pro do this ??

    Ecco is a great application that can handle almost ANY system, including GTD. You will find that you can easily manage many different types of diverse information with Ecco.

    As far as your specific questions:
    Yes, you can do similar sorting and grouping to what you describe. You won't be able to automatically color-code items, but you can apply rich text formatting to any item manually.

    Ecco can be tricky to learn, but I believe the payoff is well worth the time spent learning the program.

    Good luck,


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      Re: Can Ecco Pro do this ??


      In ecco group on someone just posted a GTD template that looks pretty good.