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Method for avoid distractions and boredom

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  • Method for avoid distractions and boredom


    in my work I have to carry out different projects daily. My main problem is that I can not concentrate or work more than 10-20 minutes on the same things. Otherwise it becomes bored for me or I procrastinate.

    So I found useful the following method. Suppose that I have to work on 3 projects a day. Let's called them P1, P2 and P3.

    I divide my day in 7 work sessions (S1, S2, ... S7). And give one hour to each one. Between sessions, I rest or disconnect (walking, chat, coffee) during an average 10 minutes. Morning before lunch I work 3 sessions and after lunch for 4.

    On each work session I can not work on a single project all time, so what I do is to use 10 minutes intervals and on each of them I work 100 % concentrated on a project. So I work on TWO (no more) projects on each session.

    first 10 min: P1
    next 10 min: P2
    next 10 min: P1

    So one possible day schedule for me would like for instance:

    9-10, S1: mix P1+P2

    10.10-11.10, S2: mix P1 + P3

    11.20-12.20, S3: P2 + P3


    13.30-14-30, S4: P1 + P2
    .... and so

    And if I have to start in some moment at 11.20 but I do at 11.30, then I move all the timing of the rest of the tasks.

    There are more details (you can ask me about if you are interested) but these are the basics.

    What is your opinion ? Do you use some similar system ? What would you change and what not ?

    Thanks in advance

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    If it works for you - great!

    You can also use 43 Folders' "Procrastination hack: '(10+2)*5'".


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      yes, the idea is very similar !

      Originally posted by TesTeq View Post
      If it works for you - great!

      You can also use 43 Folders' "Procrastination hack: '(10+2)*5'".