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Scheduling time for different types of work

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  • Scheduling time for different types of work

    I found on the forum a recommendation of GTD couch to schedule time for Defining stage of work. That's what I do How about Doing Predefined Work and Doing Work as It Appears? I think it's very difficult to schedule. What do you think?

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    Good questions! In my opinion:

    Some things benefit from scheduling time. Other things don't.

    Schedule where it helps, but don't try to schedule everything.


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      I try and schedule things that are going to take more than an hour. I just find that it blocks out some time for me to focus on those items and it keeps someone from scheduling a meeting with me.


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        I regularly schedule 2 of my contexts: @business-calls and @errands. Why? Because these tasks differ from all my other work in one way: I don't want to do them. I have to, but I don't want to. If I wouldn't schedule my weekly lot of those, I simply would not do them.