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@agenda to @task, @deferred to @task, etc

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  • @agenda to @task, @deferred to @task, etc

    I posted this one already once, but it seems to have disappeared.

    While setting up GTD with Outlook the first time, I put quite few items into @Agenda and @Deferred, but would now like to move them to @Tasks.

    But I've not found any simple way to do that. Seems curious that I'd have to just back out and start all over again.

    Any thoughts?


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    you can select all of the tasks that you want to change the category for using ctrl-click or shift-click. then hit the right-click and choose categories. here you can change the category for all of your selected actions.


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      I am using palm category in outlook where it can only have one category, so this works for me.

      1) customize your view to do a group by palm category

      2) collapse all palm categories

      3) expand one palm category you want to reclassify

      4) clik and drag the item/s you want to recategorize to the new palm category

      this works like a charm

      you can highlight non contiguous tasks in outlook with control button held down when you click or you can highlight a range of tasks with shift button held won when you click

      then it is a simple matter to drag them to their new palm category

      if you are using regular outlook categories, the above steps give you different results because an item can be in multiple categories -- if you follow the above steps and simply use outlook categories instead, it will result in haveing the tasks linked to both categories, but then you can edit in outlook list view and delete the category you want out. so after your recategorization you will have @phone and @tasks in the category list. there is no simple way to get rid of the @phone other than delete key.


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        You can use Mass Transit written by Matthew D Moss.