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Clarification: Multiple Email Accounts

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  • Clarification: Multiple Email Accounts


    I've recently jumped on board GTD.

    I'm using iGTD to manage tasks, and Mac Mail to manage email.

    What I'm liking best is just being told how to do things and manage tasks, but I need clarification on something.

    The question I have is this. Given that we no longer categorise by task genre, but by context, perhaps moving the task genre to a project name, how do I manage the following situation?

    I run 5 companies, and have 5 email accounts to go with.

    Should I therefore, use the Master In on the Mac Mail, to review everything in one In place? I rather think that I should as I'll often skip by other companies info while working at my main, 9-5 (often 9-9) workplace. It backs up and doesn't seem to make it to the system.

    Disadvantages are that I might reply using the wrong email address, although its not likely as Mac responds in kind, and I might get overwhelmed.

    I think I've answered my own question and its what I should do, but some confirmation I am on the right lines would be great.



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    I forward all email accounts into my .mac account. I have several also. I can respond in Mac Mail from the appropriate account. This way I can view all email on my iphone in one screen and can also access all email while traveling at .mac.

    So yes I think you're on the right track.


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      You can have as many inboxes as work for you; it's a question of whether you can and are reviewing them all regularly.

      I like the idea of managing them all from Mac Mail.


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        I use .mac, too, and it works great.