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Arranging Travel Info on the Laptop????

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  • Arranging Travel Info on the Laptop????

    I have recently shifted from a desktop to a laptop as my primary computer. I was at a meeting recently and saw a guy who was giving a presentation pulled up his powerpoint presentation on his laptop from a folder on the laptop for that meeting. In the folder he had all the emails for travel as well. How do you GTD expert arrange this on your computer that will travel with you? Thanks

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    Depends on your OS and your setup. I have one laptop as my primary computer (the one I'm using to type this message, actually), so everything would be on that.

    In OS X Mail, you can drag emails around just like files, so you can easily create a file folder and drag emails into it for travel.


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      Once I know for sure I'm going to attend a meeting, I create a folder with a sensible name, listing the name of the meeting, the city and the year. This folder is inside another folder called "meetings, posters, talks, symposia". I keep these sorted by reverse date, so recently created folders are at the top if the list.

      A copy of all correspondence gets saved to the meeting folder. This include emails about expenses, hotel confirmations, flight information, copies of presentations, etc.

      This helped me out moments ago! I realized that I wasn't sure about hotel reservations for a meeting I'm attending next week. It took seconds to find the right folder, and pull up the hotel and meeting registration pdf. The pdf indicated that some of the hotel nights had been waitlisted, and that a final registration would emailed once that was resolved... but I never got that email.

      I called the hotel, and confirmed that the reservation was valid, and that all the night were guaranteed, and now I'm good to go!


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        Brent: I am using Windows XP and use outlook for email.

        DSSHAFFNER. Great tips, thanks.