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Going to try going back to standard contexts!

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  • Going to try going back to standard contexts!

    Okay -- after a lot of study and reading of great posts here and looking closely at my current system of categorizing next actions by roles, I have decided to go back and try the more standard context categories again.

    I had a epiphany if you will on this and something I think Scott Lewis had mentioned in one of his posts. I went on some errands and found out that I missed some things because all of my errand items were not on an @errands list -- they were divided amongst my many roles. SO, I will redo my context lists as follows: @calls, @errands, @computer, @internet, @office, etc.

    I'll keep everyone posted as to my progress! Oh my.


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    I went on a similar search for meaningful contexts . After trying different variations, I settled down on geography based contexts (@cubicle, @lab, @bldg1, @shop etc.). They seemed to work fine so far. My take on contexts is that it should allow you to do multiple tasks in a 'piggyback' mode - ie the task can be executed in a cluster even if each of these tasks come from different projects. Have fun with you contexts!


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      FWIW, I can understand the struggle you've had with contexts. I've been unsatisfied with my own for the past several months, and frustrated that I keep changing them.

      I have found that location-based contexts work wonderfully when they apply. The @Errands is a great example. When you go out and about, it's a good idea to take care of all errand related actions at once. So, having all of these in one list by themselves works wonders (for me at least).

      I wish the rest of my context lists were so clear. Since I work from home though, office/computer/home/etc. all merge together too much to be of use on separate lists, so I've tried variations. The latest seems to be working well though, and it includes contexts that are more about where I am in "mind" or "time of day" than anything else.

      @Clients for instance, is a list of next actions that must be completed for clients. @Goals, is NAs that are up next for progressing goals. The others are @Home/Family, @ Other/Misc, and @TimeMatters. Time Matters is my desktop database and I use it for projects, contact management, email, documents, etc.

      So far it's working nicely, but as with others I've tried... only time will tell