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    I'm reading GTD for the first time and will start the collection of "stuff" and the cleaning out of my office this weekend. One thing I'm confused about is the files. Is the idea to try to stand up manilla folders in my file drawers somehow? I can't see how this is done. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: folders

    Your file drawers should have some kind of device that keeps manila file folders upright towards the front. My high-quality file drawers at work have a wall-like structure with a handle that I can squeeze to move back and forth. At home my cheap file cabinets have a removable metal strip that fits into slots in the side of the drawers. If you haven't been using this, maybe it's adjusted to be all the way in the back.



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      "Follower block" is the term for the thing that keeps the folders standing up in the drawer.


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        "Bood End" is the low tech version of the "Follower Block"


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          Aren't some file drawers/cabinets set up for hanging folders and some set up as you describe i.e. meaning if you already have a filing cabinet that is set up for hanging folders you are stuck?


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            If you already have a filing cabinet that is set up for hanging folders (like I have) you are stuck in some way. But I've tried this compromise:

            1.) For the "hottest" file folders I made file boxes from waste cardboard boxes that fit for my manila file folders. I wrapped the boxes with a nice looking self-adhesive foil and use them on my desk at work and at home. I'm planning to engage our hospital carpenter to make several wooden boxes for me. There are companies who make similar plastic boxes.

            2.) Within the drawers and my suspension file boxes I use "hanging box files" that are much wider than the normal hanging file folders. I use them for frequently referenced manila folders.

            3.) All the other stuff goes into the normal hanging file folders in the drawers.

            Rainer Burmeister


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              Personally I've never cared for regular file folders or hanging folders. Instead I've used 1-2 inch pocket folders for years. These stand upright by themselves really nicely in a file drawer, and can fit a lot of material into one.