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  • DAs awesome convenience lists

    DAs's awesome lists (*=I have it covered) #=not applicable
    Cool/convenient lists to have
    There are critical reminder-type lists that we all need to let our brain relax (re: outcomes and actions). There are other lists, though, that can be useful, fun, and interesting, that fit in the area of "reference" or "support."

    Here are some of the latter that I (or people I know) have had in their planners, PDA's, computer files, or file folders. (Please let me know of any of yours, so that we can share the fun.)
    *Account and $ numbers- credit card #s, PIN #s, etc. (make sure wherever you keep these, it is safe and secure.)
    passowrds file to be encrypted or stored in 1password, I have everything from all online passwords and logins to installment initial amounts and aprs.
    *Affirmations- personal self-talk scripts for positive internal programming.
    I call it my "mind aggreements" file. It's organized by context. Exercise, @Phone, Social, Home, etc. so I trigger affirmations and good habits (like doing sit-ups while on the phone, or reading my work on phone) or "deep breating" @Exercise to keep me aligned in each of those given contexts. This is invaluable.

    *Basic personal numbers (self and family members)- drivers license, social security, insurance policies, Whatever you may need for yourself and others when filling out forms.
    passwords file
    *Birthdays- (if you don't put them on your digital calendar system), group by date, as reviewable (those during a month, put in tickler for that month, etc.)

    #Borrowed stuff- things you’ve loaned folks and might care to get back someday.

    Checklists- Travel, Take sailing..., Personal New Habits to Create, etc.

    Gifts- organized by people and/or a general list of neat things to buy for others (fresh maple syrup from Vermont, styluses for Palms, etc.... and where to get them.) Great for birthdays, ad-hoc niceness, and Christmas time.

    *Ideas I don't know what to do with, now that I've had them...- we all have them, and they don't fit anywhere except in an "they don't fit anywhere" place.
    trying to consolidate these, but they're going in seperate notes files or yearly Incoming_Notes or Journals
    Jokes- the current ones that you'd like to get some more mileage out of (but damn! they disappear out of our brain so fast.)

    *Might wanna buy...- could be one mega-list, or (more commonly) grouped by the type of thing it is: cds, cigars, wines, books, videos.
    I have over half a dozen organized amazon wish lists organized into "electronics", "home", "books and dvds", "games", "watches", "clothing", and"Consistently thought about" for items that I reoccurringly want. It works by if I think about somethign long enough I throw it on the "consistently thought about list" and then I only buy from the "consistently thought about list". This ensures that I don't buy sporadically and all purchases are worthy and will boost the productivity of my life by adding to it.

    *Might wanna do when...- possibilities when you're in a certain location or doing a certain activity. By city, country, or region (things to do/think about when I'm in Napa Valley, London, Santiago.) Or by activity (Web surfing places to visit.)
    kind of organized in m/s
    *Might wanna do with...- if you're into any animate or inanimate objects: my kids, my spouse, my dogs, my piano, my woodcarving tools, my garden, my computer.
    ditto above
    Previous addresses and employers- keep at least your last three. (What a pain when you have to supply them and you don't have them!)

    *Quotes- "Cool Quotes - where I can jot down quotations I come across that I like." (Joel Millican)
    I have been working on this for years. It's over 200 quotes organized into categories like "Time, Inspiration, Peace, Happiness, Fulfillment, Joy, Negative, Intuition". This is such a cool thing to siphon wisdom from readings and other great minds. All the quotes of course detail the quoter. I have a lot of einstein, emerson, and various other idea makers.
    #Restaurants- for business or pleasure, to review for ideas instead of same-old same-old.

    Style or product numbers I may need when I'm buying things- oil filter, vacuum cleaner bags, labeler cassettes, etc.
    this is actually useful for printer cartridges
    *Tips/Shortcuts- speed-key codes, shortcut codes for new systems (voicemail, answering machine, pager, software apps, new Palm III, etc.) Any new skill set you're learning can have a remind-me-about list specific to its features and activities until they are habitual and under your belt.
    I'm a keyboard jockey so I most my work is from the keyboard so these are memorized
    *Vacation things to do- those things that you might like to do if you are into seriously doing nothing (take pictures, hike, hotels to stay in for a night, spa treatments, places to explore, etc.)

    I've got this covered!
    Might wanna buy
    mind aggreements -- affirmations

    To Add
    M/S partition into Vacation, Restaurants,
    Checlists for traveling, surfing, swimming, road trip,
    Previous Employers
    Product numbers for cartridges -- on passwords
    Jokes & magic tricks -- a great one to add and have in the arsenal

    What about others' lists?

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    Mind Aggreements (Affirmations)

    I thought the affirmations (mind aggrements, but along with teh quotations) as one of the most inspiring self-customized lists you can make.

    I've got mind aggremeents for
    and Success insight factors

    Here's my, for example, sub-category of "mind agreements" to ensure I stay productive at the computer. Having these "checlists" for contexts is invaluable. Some of the "research' topics below for web browsing below should go in "ideas" or "project" "optimize browser surfing", but the ones like "reboot before work" and "2-4 max programs" are invalauble context-based productivity essentials. Before making these mind aggreements, a great title if I do say so myself, I worked work with on average 15-20 applications opened SIMULTANEOUSLY! I felt "pseudo-productive" because so much was going on simultaneously, but at the end of the day you don't get much done, and your brain gets overloaded. you generate highest performativity of productivity with a few simple programs open simultaneously. If you want really stimulate your brain you can still do that with aggressive surfing and information learning on a web browser and podcast listening simultaneously. You don't need a million programs open. You should have something like this personal checklist for all your contexts, customized to how you want to and need to do your actions. It really helps structure your time so you get things done. Personally, I think this is the hard work. GTD provides a very top-level system that works fairly consistently, but then how you actually do stuff in each context is alway unique and specific to each person so these "mind aggreements" for stuff is personally enlightening.
    1.A_Recreation. Watch FacebookMyspaceVIDS/Youtube/Funnyordie at Night for Recreation
    2.Media. LISTEN to those Motivational Recordings (TR, Chris howard VYL) on a regular basis, ESPECIALLY while doing any computer work.
    3.Media. Read Yahoo Entertainment News!!Memories. Focus on Memories.* (All journals, travel journals, PHOTOS) That's where the gold is and treasures lay!. Review friends' facebook goals and ideas, which will make you aware of the joys they are having (surfing, HI, making money, having a job) and enrich and validate your own life, too.
    4.Productivity. Turn “ON” safety porn nudity filter when doing web work so boobs don't pop up “distracting you”.
    5.Productivity. Always reboot. ESSENTIAL for feeling in control during computer work. Reboot at the beginning of each work session. ESSENTIAL!! This clears your mind, ensures you don't have lingering loose ends and creates the effect of “going on a vacation” because you have to close-up-shop as best as you can before each reboot. Starting with a clean dekstop with only Finder open at the beginning of your work period is so invaluable. NOT doing that is like trying to drive with debris in the road. Clear your “electroinc road” and reboot or at the very least close all programs and start with just a naked finder at the beginning of each work period. This will cause you to record “todos” in ideas or if they're positive with zero doubt attached to them, in tasks, instead of “racing against your mind” to get things done as you think of them, which is being controlled by your brain instead of you controlling it!
    6.Productivity. 2-4 max programs. ESSENTIAL for feeling in control during computer work. Have Finder + 2-4 programs at any given time. MAX! Any more than that and you're working on too many projects simultaneously. Even with something as complex as web design you only need 3 programs open max. and if you're trying to do web design, write a journal, check email, and read rss feeds with all those programs open, you're going to have a massive headache and most importantly not be productivity. Your clarity will increase exponentionally keeping 2-4 programs (plus Finder) max because you want be dabbling on one task or project and then jumping to something else. 2-4 max programs just promotes stronger and more electrifying thinking and action-doing as well.
    7.Productivity While web-surfing. Have an agenda. Do emails in Mac Mail. If you need to check credit reports do that from Devon Think. If you're doing fun research searching, do that from devon think because you'll want to take notes. What about yahoo answers? What do you use your webbrowser for?
    1.Answering Questions
    1.Wikipedia reading
    2.Acting research
    3.scooter's blog
    4.Web design and Programming Research
    5.Fun questions or Musings (Greece, Eucalyptus,
    6.Financial Research and Reading
    7.Language Research
    8.Song Lyric Research
    9.Making money Research
    2.Checking Finances (can't you set up online banking through quicken and get alerts via fico?)
    3.Paying bills (can't you consolidate that so it's all auto and you don't have to check it?)
    1.socal elec
    2.socal gas
    4.My website projects (stat counters on all those; these should run themselves eventually)
    3.seductive intelligence
    6.Writing to Various forums
    3.mystery method
    7.Youtube and youtube vidoes.
    8.Productivity. ALWAYS Use computer on Desk with right-hand mouse setup. This creates productive flow and enables you to MASTER multiple window, multiple program tabbed juggling.
    9.Productivity. Occasionally experience standing up and doing computer work.
    10.Routine. DO GTD!!!
    11.Routine. HUGELY URGENT!!! Set "Internet-Online times" and then keep the internet OFF at ALL other times!* This prevents you from getting sucked into 10 hour hang-ups stuck on the internet and computer when you really want to be out surfing and enjoying your Nature and body!!!
    12.Routine. This is what I MUST continue to write about.* Why and How I love what I do!
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