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Roadmap vs. Mastering Workflow

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  • Roadmap vs. Mastering Workflow

    First of all, my apologies if someone has already started a similar thread - I looked but couldn't find one.

    I am interested in taking one of the public courses and am struggling with choosing between Roadmap or Mastering Workflow. I have read the books, understand and believe in the concepts, and have been trying to implement for a year or so now, just still having trouble getting things under control. Any suggestions on which course to start with (or should I start w/ telecoaching?) would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

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    Pros and Cons

    I had similar questions to yours a couple of months ago. DA was doing the roadmap in Houston (a 5 hour drive from Dallas) and I was debating going. I called their office and spoke with Rachelle and we went through my situation to see which direction I should go.

    Because I implemented GTD many years ago and I'm pretty good at the runway level, I opted for telecoaching. I did just one session with Meg Edwards and got:

    My GTD Add-in working at a higher level
    Tips for 30,000 Ft. and above
    Ideas for moving things to the top of the context list in Outlook
    A way to tie Projects to my Areas of Focus

    It was SO worth the money...practical advice tailored just to me. I might add it's roughly 1/3 the cost of one of the Roadmap Seminars. But since your issues are still on implementation, I'd recommend either coaching or the Managing Workflow...and that you call the DavidCo office and talk to Rachelle.


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      I've only taken the standard GTD seminar. I haven't done Roadmap, Mastering Workflow or telecoaching. But a friend of mine, who has read the book, attended the regular seminar, and listed in Getting Things Done...Fast! seminar recording many times did about three telecoaching sessions with Meg, and swears by it. He initially had reservations due to the cost of telecoaching, but now feels that the format is so much more tailored to your personal needs, it was easily worth it.

      Though he never took the Roadmap or Mastering Workflow seminars, it was his understanding that the only difference between the two is in the presenters. Roadmap seminars are given by The David, and MW seminars a presented by other staff.