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Outlook Tasks - view "Today only" ?

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  • Outlook Tasks - view "Today only" ?

    I am getting into using Outlook Tasks for just about everything, and I love it.
    One question - in the left side navigation I have two items, "Tasks" and "To Do" list.
    I have my tasks view customized by category, showing all active tasks, just as specified in "GTD for outlook". I have also found where I can search for "due:today" and see just the tasks due on the current day. This is great - but I would like to add another item called "Today Tasks" that is just like my current Tasks view, but filtered only for today due date, so I can get to the "due:today" search results with a single click.

    In other words, I want to duplicate the view I have under "tasks" but add a filter to only show tasks due today, and then have a button somewhere that does this automatically.

    ( I understand I can see just today tasks in "outlook today" or in the "to do" bar, but those are not grouped by category, don't have a 'reading pane' etc.)

    Can anybody point me to the steps for creating a filtered, grouped , 'today only' tasks view, while keeping the option for all tasks just as I have it set up? It doesn't seem as easy as I think it should be


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    When you're in your tasks view "by category", go to the view menu and choose Current View/Define Views. When you get the Define Views screen check Copy View and name it Today's Tasks. You are brought to a screen with all of the settings from your "By Category" view. Choose Filter, then Advanced. From the Field drop down list choose Date/Time Fields then Due Date. From the Conditions drop down list choose "on or before". In the values field, type in Today. Save it and you're good to go.



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      That was exactly what I needed... 'define views' ... thanks!

      one remaining question on this - is it possible to create a shortcut in the "my tasks" section, rather than selecting 'today's tasks' from the long list of views?
      alternately, any way to hide all those views I don't want?
      All I use is 'by category' and my new 'today's tasks'.

      see attached

      thanks again
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        One way you can accomplish getting your 2 views to the top of the list is to go back into "define views". Click on By Category and then choose "Copy". On the screen that pops up name it .By Category then pick can be used on "This Folder, Visible to Everyone". Since you already have the view defined, you can just click OK to each screen. It will show up at the top of your current view list. Do the same thing with Today's Tasks (naming it .Today's Tasks). It will sort to the second spot in the list.

        One other thing you can do, is to right click in the ribbon, next to the tool bars, and select the advanced tool bar from the tool bar choices. Among other things, this places a drop down navigation box up in your tool bar area and the above two views will be the first two in that list. You can then leave your navigation bar closed and pick up the extra screen real estate.

        Hope that helps.



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          @Art - beautiful , perfect, and exactly correct. Thank you sir!


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            I personally never use the outlook task messanger. I think that is not so reliable I would recommend you using other apps.