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Outlook Tasks - add user-defined "follow up" choices?

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  • Outlook Tasks - add user-defined "follow up" choices?

    Is it possible to add user-defined options to the 'follow up' flags on outlook tasks? I often have things that are 'due' on a Friday, and if they are not completed, I want to bump them ahead to Monday. However, the default options are 'tomorrow' and 'next week' (which defaults to the following friday due date) .. how can I create a one-click option for "next monday" , or even just "next weekday" so a click on that on friday gives me monday, instead of Saturday as it is currently set up.


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    It depends by you

    I think, this is not the idea of GTD.
    The idea is not to create an automatic push. The idea, I understood, is to use the weekly review just to determine what stuff and when you do them


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      Hi Claudio - thanks for the reply, and, I get that... but I want this other thing I am asking about, figured some hefty-weight outlook users in here might have a solution for me. Like everything, I have taken the GTD approach and woven in my own ways of doing things... so far it is great... but I'd like to do what I am doing in less clicks!