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Share Outlook tasks between computers?

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  • Share Outlook tasks between computers?

    I have a great little system on my blackberry that auto syncs tasks and other outlook folders (notes, contacts). I need the same thing for my laptop.

    Both of my computers are running outlook 2007, on the same local network (LAN). The desktop is the main machine - but I would love to be able to open my outlook file (huge 5+ gig pst) on my laptop, or just to share the list of tasks between computers and have them sync somehow through the network...

    any suggestions?

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    I don't have a fully automated solution to this, but I do share my outlook pst file with both a desktop and laptop and also synch to my Blackberry.

    I simply use a synch tool (I use ViceVersea Pro) to synch my pst file from the laptop to the desktop each a.m., or when I get back to the office and then synch it again at the end of the day from the desktop to the laptop.

    I usually synch to the Blackberry after I have synched to the desktop.

    Note that this approach requires that I do manual synchs and also if I make changes to the pst file on both the laptop and desktop at the same time I am not fully covered since I am only synching the files and not discrete data in the files.

    I am not sure if there is a better way to do this, but so far it works for me and reasonably well.



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      I would take a look at the new Plaxo solution - it works really well for me.

      HTH - J.


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        @Paul - that sounds ok, except my outlook file is 6gb, so i can't really be passing it around over the network or on a jump drive all the time.

        @jsturtridge - looks like the plaxo solution is windows mobile friendly, but i am on a blackberry. Not really wanting my phone to be the go-between device anyway, and not sure i'd want all my tasks on the web anywhere... however, a nice web-based intermediary between outlook on one machine and the other might be just the ticket.