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Real GTD samples, not just Pseudo or Blank models

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  • Real GTD samples, not just Pseudo or Blank models

    hi all,

    There is such a huge difference between seeing someones theoretical system and actually looking at real lists.

    Why don't we accumulate a FLICKR list of REAL gtd systems?

    Like this photo:

    The value of the photo is that it is a real next actions list, not a pseudo fake one, or a blank one. The details are fascinating and help me see if my understanding of GTD is the same as the person the list belongs to.

    I think we need to have dozens of available examples of "in-use" next action and projects lists, and for all the other parts of GTD.

    Who is with me?

    Do we just need a flickr special group?

    Or a thread here?

    People using software GTD should do screen grabs, others just take a photo of your paper system, or even of you Palm/PDA

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    FWIW, there's already a GTD pool on Flickr.



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      I'm intrigued by the vast number of ways people implement GTD, which I guess to be as much about ways of working that suit oneself as it is about the environment in which it is being implemented.

      I took some pics of my work and home setup, which is all paper, cards and filing. I even have cards for emails to write or for which I'm awaiting replies. My reasoning is that in order to accomplish a 'project', there may be several phonecalls, emails or consultations with my boss, and times in between when I'm awaiting responses. I therefore use pencil for the person or category of Next Action so I don't have to write a new card every time (the series of pics shows a card going through this process but the pencil doesn't come out very well). I'd be interested in comments or suggestions for improvements.

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        I posted a video showing my GTD system:


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          Hey cool... that link is to my photo. Glad you found it useful!


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            Brent's video

            Hey Brent,
            I got a lot from your video. I had it as my home page just so I would remember to watch it as I worked toward setting up the same system. I set up the piece of paper for projects, with a magnet on a filing cabinet next to me, and I have a white board just like yours. I constantly add stuff to the list as I think of it (it works also as an inbox of sorts, as long as I'm near it, which is most of the time) and wipe stuff off as I do them. I need to get my files going. Also, I still need to do a weekly review (still have the first piece of paper and it's getting full) and process my inbox. After I was (sort of) using your system, I bought a palm based phone and transferred all my items to that, which helped for a few days while I did errands, but I still put items on the white board because it is 100% more useful to me, and I see it countless times per day. That was really working for me. I hate to have wasted money getting a Palm but I think I'm going to have to go back to your system. At least I can use it instead of notecards, but still.


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              Cool, thanks for the feedback! Good to know that the video's useful to people.


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                Originally posted by kewms View Post
                FWIW, there's already a GTD pool on Flickr.
                Yes I know that!

                But the vast majority of them, last time I looked, were people just showing us the blank copies of the Hipster PDA and so forth. Or if they did have content it was in Japanese, or intentionally out of focus so you can't read it.

                I don't want to look at your GTD pages when they are blank, or out of focus.

                What I'm interested in are people who don't mind giving up some privacy, to let us look at their actual content of their actual lists in their real GTD system.

                If you think about it, the GTD book is all theoretical, with some theoretical examples.

                But there aren't many examples of real practical models.

                Sure we can ask each other "how do you do X, Y, Z", but there is something serendipitous about looking at "in-use" lists and thinking "Is that how they do that!!" or "Why did they do it like that?". If anything, its a way to compare granularity across a number of tasks.

                So, how about we create a "GTD System With Details" flickr pool? I have no idea how to do this.